OSA Decentralized (OSA)


Decentralized AI and blockchain in retail

Project details

The world’s first decentralized, AI-driven marketplace providing
real-time solutions to retailers, manufacturers and consumers.
It’s built on the already proven OSA Hybrid Platform, which has
successfully delivered its services to over 20 retailers and
manufacturers in 3 countries.

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The project is registered in Esnonia and now has a highly professional team of more than 130 people from the USA, Israel, Lithuania, Ukraine, the Russian Federation. The platform provides consumers with transparent product information
and online assistant services, while OSA DC’s AI-powered ecosystem will also give manufacturers and retailers the chance to effectively cooperate and optimize their business strategies. The project is having a very active PR campaign. We believe OSA DC has a good future and recommend the project for long-term investments.

Maximilian Musselius
Strategy and Vision Lead

An executive Director of ECR Russia and Co-chairman of ECR Europe, Maximilian is credited with the creation of the most successful ECR unit in the world. As part of ECR, developed and implemented EDI technology for the entire industry, launched master data catalogue initiative, and organizes 6 conferences annually and 7 separate working groups quarterly. Maximilian is the author of numerous research and analytical articles in the field of FMCG manufacturing and retail, including ECR Bluebook, EDI Bluebook, Scorecard Bluebook by ECR Russia, Global ECR and ECR-Rus Master Data Bluebook, and Global Scorecard. Prior to ECR, he held various marketing positions in International consultancies. Maximilian is a Moscow State University graduate with degrees in law and economics and speaks 6 languages.

Alex Isaiev
Co-founder, Business Development Lead

Alex Isaiev Co-founder, Business Development Lead With over 17 years of experience in 57 countries, Alex is a FMCG retail and duty free industries veteran who has served in just about any role in the industries (sales, key account management, trade marketing, marketing and supply chain). Alex spent 14 years with Japan Tobacco International in marketing and trade marketing roles, with a focused responsible for CEE and Central Asia markets and promoting shopper loyalty and category management. In 2014, Alex founded Mania Business Simulations, one of the world’s top business simulation training providers that offers its services in 16 countries. From 1990-2002 Alex created and grew businesses in various industries: food production and distribution, automotive spare parts distribution, catering services, patent registration services, video production. Alex has university degrees in economy, sociology and marketing.

Ruslan Pyshnyi
Co-founder, Strategy & Marketing Lead

Ruslan is an International business executive with vast managerial experience in the B2C FMCG market. He is distinguished for his major achievements in formulating and executing winning strategies, having a clear understanding of the FMCG operating environment, consolidating and driving focused brand portfolios, clearly articulating pricing strategies, and having profound consumer insights. As a company head, he has successfully driven businesses from a state of crisis to consistent growth. His career highlights include achieving significant volume and profit growth for leading brands, M&A, leading teams of 500+ worker, and operating with over $100mln marketing budgets. Ruslan’s career milestones include 2 years as COO of Russian Standard Vodka, 4 years as Vice President of Marketing at Japan Tobacco International’s Russian branch, and 5 years as a Marketing Director at JTI Ukraine. Ruslan holds university degrees in management and linguistics.

Esther Katz
VP Communications

Esther is a seasoned professional with 20 years of experience in integrated marketing. Joined blockchain industry 3 years ago, and currently manages marketing and PR at Neuromation.io, highest publically funded AI startup, that raised 50M USD in a token sale. Esther and her marketing team drive the company’s communications strategy, community management, PR, and digital communications.

Mikhail Myagkov, PhD
Game Theory and Data Science Advisory Board Lead

Professor Myagkov has over 20 years of teaching experience in the United States. He’s a tenured professor at the of University of Oregon’s Institute of Cognitive and Decision Sciences and Politology Department. He is also a professor at Moscow State University and Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech), where he founded a number of its first innovation and academic programs. Mikhail holds PhD, MS and BS degrees from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) with a focus in managements, applied mathematics, and game theory. Mikhail’s academic interests lie in game theory, behavioral economics, agent-based computer simulations of human decision making, applied statistics, neuroeconomics, and decision making analysis based on computer imaging technologies.

Nikolay Lysenko
Chief Data Scientist

Nikolay is an applied problems solver with a versatile background that covers pure science, software development, machine learning, and business understanding. Currently, he is focuced on FMCG retail, metals & mining, and the oil & gas industries. Nikolay has worked at the National Research University Higher School of Economics, Webgames, OSA Hybrid Platform, and Yandex Data Factory, and he gained substantial experience in solving unprecedented problems while working for these companies. As a research fellow, Nikolay (co-)authored the following articles: * Kolesnikov, A., Lysenko, N. (2016). Remarks on mass transportation minimizing expectation of a minimum of affine functions. Theory of Stochastic Processes, 21(37), 22-28. * Lysenko, N. (2017). Maximization of functionals depending on the terminal value and the running maximum of a martingale: a mass transport approach. Theory of Stochastic Processes, 22(38), 30-40. In his spare time, Nikolay develops the ReadingBricks project (https://github.com/Nikolay-Lysenko/readingbricks), a Flask application with convenient access to structured materials on machine learning. The project will likely evolve into a system that automatically compiles personalized tutorials tailored to users needs. Nikolay have earned BSc degree in Mathematics and MSc degree in Applied Economics.

Oleksii Potapenko
Data Science Lead

Oleksii has over 6 years of experience in data mining and predictive analytics. He started his career as data analyst at where he worked on a model for proceeds prediction from overdue consumer debt portfolios. This tool was used later by investors to succesfully purchase portfolios with debts over $500mln. Since 2016, Oleksii has been developing the state-of-the-art machine learning methods for OSA Hybrid Platform. Oleksii has a masters degree in engineering.

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