A network of projects funding board games publishing.

Project details

Cryptum is a network of interlinked projects funding a high-end board games publishing, starting with the first cryptocurrency mining strategy game named Blockchain. One of the paramount goals of Cryptum network is creating a profiable investment for all token owners even outside the exchange trade by allowing free access to the published games based on ownership tiers, optional claims based access to between 20 and 50% from the profits from high-income projects, and initial amounts of the upcoming Cryptumcoin, which will be used in some of the Cryptum services.

Rating details
Website and presentation quality
Risk level
Social media
Market volume
Project uniqueness
Competition level
Roadmap quality
Financial plan quality
Technical side, development level

Cryptum is a network of projects which may be interesting for investors of different spheres. It has the potential to be profitable, roadmap and whitepaper are clear and detailed.

Nikolai Tsekov
Core Project Manager

Nikolai is Cryptum project manager and a lead designer of many of the board games we develop, as well as main contact person for any freelance and company contracts. He’s still administrating over the IT forums, but after over a decade of work as an IT journalist, editor and a PR specialist, in 2013 he started his own retail company, now owning one of the top Bulgarian tabletop hobby stores – BoardGames.BG.

Anton Belev
Core Lead Developer

Anton is a huge tech enthusiast and the leading figure behind so many online projects that even we stopped following all of them. Hardware, 3D/VR, 3D printing, software, actually anything IT-related, and a whole lot of hobbies to complement his already impressive skills. He’s responsible for most of the software development for the Cryprum projects, and we greatly value his knowledge and experience.

Zachary Dimitrov
(Contributor) Games 2D Design

Zachary is a gifted freelance designer, photographer and artist, but more importantly – he’s a board gamer too, which makes him understand well the necessities in the layout design and the practical decision-making in the art direction. He has been a great support for us in times of need and now we are working with him on the board games general design and layout styling so we can bring you better-looking games with a top-notch design.

Alexandra Pashova
(Inistrad Ltd) Board Game Design & Testing

Alexandra has an unique position in the Cryptum Board Games project, as she still manages better to put herself in the shoes of players with less experience and her games preferences sometimes are very different than those of the the rest of us. With her years of experience in playing and selling games, she is able offer an advice to any level of player and cut through any knot of complicated ideas with a precision the rest of us somehow lack.

Kiril Venev.
Core CTO

Kiril is our chief technology expert. One of the co-founders of the leading Bulgarian IT community at and the company with the same name, a skilled technician with plenty of experience dealing with almost every possible hardware or software-related problem, and even more knowledge when it comes to cryptocurrency mining. We trust him to develop and support the mining project to the best of his abilities.

Grigoriy Stoichkov
Core Technical Advisor & Procurement

Another of the founders, Grigor is lead technical advisor of the Cryptum Mining project. He has been into mining ever since it became a thing, and, after years of working on different mining ventures, he has an extensive knowledge of the supply chain and demand, management and scalability, and possible issues and solutions for any scale of cryptocurrency mining operations.

Tikhomir Terziev
(Inistrad Ltd) Board Games Co-designer

Tihomir is probably one of the most experienced board gamers in Bulgaria, and his work in BoardGames.BG contributed to his experience with a deep understanding of the players’ needs. He’s been the voice of reason and calmness in many heated discussions, and he often offers unexpected solutions. Being an avid gamer also helps him with beta testing and rules writing, and makes him integral part of the team.

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