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ICO4YOU is a rating portal that provides information about blockchain-based projects. We evaluate startups which are planning ICO (initial coin offering) using the special scale. The result shows the real rating of each project. The scale consists of different characteristics which indicate the investment attractiveness of blockchain-startups.

Blockchain gives an opportunity to improve processes in traditional business. It creates a new business model which makes the life of users and investors totally different. But nowadays this new sphere of blockchain may be risky without the expert regulation and control. The lack of quality assessment standards, reliability and transparency of the new projects causes a lot of fraudulent schemes. In spite of the fact that ICO market is blockchain-based, there is still no reliable scale of criteria suitable for investment analysis.

ICO4YOU goal is to provide investors clear and transparent information with reasonable investment rating. As a result investors could make decisions based on facts and true information about the project. It will increase the level of trust and confidence between users, investors and developers.

ICO4YOU mission is to develop the high quality scale of blockchain projects rating. It will consequently lead to the greater attraction of institutional investors and multinational corporations. As a long-term result the whole blockchain-based sphere will benefit from the development of correct rating analysis.

ICO4YOU uses 13-point scale of rating, giving projects the evaluation from 1 to 10. We consider such points as:


  • Team
  • Website and presentation quality
  • Idea
  • Risk level
  • Social media
  • Market volume
  • Whitepaper
  • FAQ
  • Project uniqueness
  • Competition level
  • Roadmap quality
  • Financial plan quality
  • Technical side, development level

As a result ICO4YOU rating gives a recommendation for investors. There are four main types: neutral, negative, short-term and long-term investment. Each of them reflects the most hospitable solution for every project.